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May Teacher Resource Sightings ↓

Free May Printable Worksheets and Lesson Plans For Teachers

May PrintablesHere is a bunch of teacher resources for your rainy May days.We definitely think you are going to love what we have in store for you.

Here are some great lesson plans and worksheets that are just for the month of May.

May Printable Worksheets
| May Lesson Plans
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May Events To Include In Your Lessons

May Events- May is Get Caught Reading Month.
- May 5th is Cinco De Mayo.
- National Teacher Day is on May 8th.
- May 13th is Mother's Day.

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Language Arts and Math Sheets

Language Arts WorksheetsWe want to thank for their contribution of worksheets. They provided us with a wonderful pack of reading and math worksheets for you to enjoy this month.

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From - Worksheets For Grades K-8↓

Mixed Worksheet Pack From Worksheet Library

Teacher Resource PackWe asked Worksheet Library to contribute some of their membership materials to our newsletter. They have some really great stuff! Printable worksheets for us this month.

Take a minute and Arrow download their free May pack here...
From Math Worksheets Center - 14,500+ Math Worksheets↓

Multiplication Puzzles Worksheet Unit

Math WorksheetsMath Worksheets Center is a newer math-only printables web site. We knew them through their stellar free math worksheet maker tool that everyone was talking about. We reached out to them to see if they would contribute. They gave us a complete unit for you to print.

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VocabMaker - Make Over 29 Different Worksheets Instantly!↓

Parts of Speech Worksheets

Parts of Speech WorksheetsThis month we asked VocabMaker if we could feature their Parts of Speech Worksheets. They loved the idea! You will find just over

Arrow 50 Parts of Speech printables here.

If you create worksheets, check out Vocabmaker.
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Fun Facts About May!

Feb FactsOne of the stand-out holidays of May in the United States, Mother's Day, has an interesting origin and some special facts about it as well. The holiday started in 1908 in Philadelphia and Grafton, West Virginia, thanks to Anna Marie Jarvis and the store owner who financed her, John Wanamaker. The day originated on the second Sunday in May because this is when Anna Jarvis held memorial services for her mother Ann Jarvis at the local church. In a way, Mother's Day is an ongoing, national commemoration of Ann Jarvis and her daughter's love for her. Interestingly, Anna Jarvis came to hate the holiday she had founded, because she believed it had become nothing but a huge sales promotion for stores and had lost all meaning as a family ritual.
May Teacher Tip ↓

Student-led Conferences

Mad Libs IdeaThe best thing I've seen in conferences was when the school I teach at went to Student-led Conferences! Each student leads their own conference with their parents, explaining grades, achievement as compared to goals written earlier. The students have prepared for the conferences and the parents have been given questions to ask relating to assignments from the term. I don't know who came up with the idea, but EVERY student has a conference and takes ownership of his/her education! Teachers are available if there are questions, grade sheets from each subject are at hand, and the child has to answer for his/her progress. If there is a need for all teachers to be there, conferences can be scheduled on an individual basis.

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