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April Teacher Resource Sightings ↓

Free April Printable Worksheets and Lesson Plans For Teachers

April PrintablesHere is a bunch of teacher resources for your rainy April days.We definitely think you are going to love what we have in store for you.

Here are some great lesson plans and worksheets that are just for the month of April.

April Printable Worksheets
| April Lesson Plans
April Teacher Reminders ↓

April Events To Include In Your Lessons

April Events- April is National Autism Awareness Month.
- April 1st is April Fool's Day.
- Easter is on April 8th.
- April 22nd is Earth Day.

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Language Arts and Math Sheets

Language Arts WorksheetsWe want to thank for their contribution of worksheets. They provided us with a wonderful pack of reading and math worksheets for you to enjoy this month.

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From - Worksheets For Grades K-8↓

Mixed Worksheet Pack From Worksheet Library

Teacher Resource PackWe asked Worksheet Library to contribute some of their membership materials to our newsletter. They have some really great stuff! Printable worksheets for us this month.

Take a minute and Arrow download their free April pack here...
From Math Worksheets Center - 14,500+ Math Worksheets↓

Working With Angles Worksheet Unit

Math WorksheetsMath Worksheets Center is a newer math-only printables web site. We knew them through their stellar free math worksheet maker tool that everyone was talking about. We reached out to them to see if they would contribute. They gave us a complete unit for you to print.

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VocabMaker - Make Over 29 Different Worksheets Instantly!↓

Environment Worksheets

Environment WorksheetsThis month we asked VocabMaker if we could feature their Environment Words Worksheets. They loved the idea! You will find just over

Arrow 50 Environment Words printables here.

If you create worksheets often, you will want to check out Vocabmaker.
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Fun Facts About April!

Feb FactsSome of the highly-publicized pranks that have marked April Fools' Day have caused more amusing reactions. The BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation, ran an April Fools' "story" in 1957, in which supposed Swiss people were shown harvesting spaghetti from trees after the "spaghetti weevil" was wiped out in the country. Amazingly, hundreds of viewers called the station to ask where they could buy spaghetti trees to grow in their own back yard.
April Teacher Tip ↓

The Clothes Game

Mad Libs IdeaGather articlesof clothing, e.g. skirt, shirt, hat, gloves, scarf, longjohns, jersey, cardigan etc. and put it in a pillowcase. Have students stand in a circle, play some music fast and loud, and students pass the pillow case around to the sound of the music. Stop the music suddenly and the student holding the case puts their hand in and pulls out an item and must put it on. Keep on doing it until all items are used, making sure a different student gets an item. I then discuss the name, the use, and material of the item before they put them back in the bag... a great fun game for all levels and all ages of students.

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